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                 Dog Walking
In this fast paced world that we live in with it's sluggish economy many people do not have the time or energy left over after their hard days work to walk their furry friend.
Their furry friend starts to get into mischief at home because of boredom or lack of exercise.He or she also starts to gain weight which like humans is unhealthy for them.
At Our Furry Friends we are able to take care of this problem for you.
You will not only have a happier and more content dog,you will have a healthier and happier friend.
We offer walks to your furry friend as often as you need your furry friend walked.
30-minute walk/stay:$15.00
45-minute walk/stay:$18.00
              ($5.00 for any additional dogs)
          ($5.00 a day charge applies on holidays)
At Our Furry Friends we are also willing to stop by your house during the day while you are at work to give your furry friend a 30 minute visit with a walk and lots of TLC.
Wouldn't you like to see your furry friend meet you at the door when you come home happy and content instead of being full of energy that is has been storing up all day long in your absence?
Pet Taxi available in London, Ontario and surrounding areas
  (an extra charge of $5.00 for outside of London)
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