Our Furry Friends -
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            Pet Sitting
We can care for your cat or dog while you are at work or gone on vacation with lots of 

Tender Loving Care in your home.
Visits include:
:spending quality time with your furry friend
:walking your dog or dogs
:giving food and water to your dog or cat
:brushing your cat or dog
:we can also administer medications and insulin 
:bringing in your mail & newspaper/flyers
:watering your plants 
:cleaning any litter boxes and any messes  
:a report on your furry friend by text or email 
:taking out any trash or recycling that you may have 
Rates are between:
$15.00 per visit for cats (includes brushing and lots of tender loving care)
$15.00 per visit for dogs (includes a short walk and potty break with lots of tender loving care)

(Special weekly or monthly rates available) 
           (an extra$5.00 charge for outside of London)
           (an extra $5.00 charge applies on holidays)
An excellent alternative to boarding your furry friend  in a kennel
We’re both a reliable & mature retired couple with over 20 years of experience with dogs and cats.
(email for a free Meet & Greet at: 519-852-5765)
     NEW On-Call EMERGENCY Pet Care
We all have unexpected things constantly coming up in our lives all the time.
We sometimes forget about our beloved pets in the process.
Allow us to help you with those unexpected times.
It is available for all kinds of pets.
We have found out through years of experience that our furry friends have not done very well being in a boarding kennel.
We have had our furry friends returned to us after our vacation with illnesses,fleas ticks and have been informed by the kennel that our furry friends weren't eating too much.
We also have no way of knowing if the kennel gave them the food which we provided either.
Isn't it better to have your pet taken care of at your home where they will not be subject to catching any illnesses from other furry friends.
After all, in the home that they have grown
accustomed to know and love they will not get stressed.
They will be in their own surroundings and they will be getting the food that you provide for them.
They will be waiting for you happily instead of being sick.
Would you be happy if they took you to a location that you knew nothing about?
Just imagine all the strange sounds and strange smells that they'd have to deal with.
They'd be getting locked up in a cage not knowing what was going to happen to them.
Now, on the other hand, what if you left them in the home that they're were familiar with with all the sounds and smells that they're are used to.
Instead,they have someone that both you and your pet got to meet at a Meet & Greet appointment.
Someone that is very friendly and loving to stop by to take care of their needs.
This kind person even makes sure that their potty needs are taken care of including their exercise.
This person loves playing with them and giving them lots belly & back rubs.
We can care for your cat or dog while you are at work or gone on vacation with lots of Tender Loving Care.
Q.What is In home Pet Sitting?
A.In Home Pet Sitting is when the pet is cared for in the comfort of their own home.
The pet stays in its familiar surroundings and sticks to its familiar routine which is very beneficial to the pet.
Q.What supplies do I need to have available for the pet sitter for my dog?
A.Please make sure that food, treats, toys, brush, his or her leashes, and cleaning supplies are available while we are visiting.
Q. If my furry friend requires medication while you are pet sitting, will you give it to them?
A.We will administer medications per client’s instructions.
Q. Will you clean my cats litter while you are pet sitting my cat?
A.Yes, we will clean the litter box.We request that you have cat litter available for refilling and cleaning supplies available for any mistakes that kitty may make.
Q. If my dog makes a mistake on my floor while I am away while you are pet sitting will you clean it?
A.Yes, we will clean it, however, we request that you have the cleaning supplies available. 
Q. When you come for a Meet and Greet, what does it mean?
A.The  Meet and Greet is our oportunity to meet both you and your furry friends that we will be Pet Sitting.
It is also the time where you are able to show us where the cleaning supplies are located for us to use just in case your furry friend makes a mistake.
The Meet and Greet is also the time where you are able to tell us in person any special things that you need done for your furry friend, such as any medications that need to be given.
The Meet and Greet is also the time that you are able to give us your spare key.
Q.I work long hours during the day and my furry friend is home alone. Do have a service that stops by my house to take care of my dog or cat once a day?
A.We are available to come by to take care of your furry friend when you can't.  
   Pet Taxi available in London, Ontario and surrounding areas
            (an extra $5.00 a visit for outside of London)
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